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Our Standard Home Inspection packages include the Home, Termite, Radon, Underground Oil Tank Sweep, Level 2 Chimney Inspection and an Internal SewerScope Evaluation.

Our #1 priority is to ensure that you are fully informed.

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Oil tank under a house

Underground Oil Tank Sweep

Taking possession of a property that has not been properly searched for an underground oil tank means that the new home buyer is responsible for any contamination that may exist due to a leaking tank. Clean up costs can range from $10,000 to $100,000 or more. Most homeowner's insurance companies exclude coverage for abandoned and/or leaking oil tanks.

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Oil tank under a house

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

As per N.F.P.A. 211 (National Fire Safety Standard), A Level 2 Internal Chimney Inspection is required upon the sale of transfer of a property. With over 70,000 chimney fires occurring annually, proper adherence to these regulations will save both lives and property.

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Discount Code: FIRE003*
Clogged sewer pipe

Internal Sewer Scope Camera Evaluation

The actual condition of the internal sewer line that routes wastewater from the home and/or building into the sewer system falls outside the scope of your Home Inspection. Conducting an Internal Sewer Scope Camera Evaluation is essential to ensure that you are fully informed.

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Discount Code: SCOPE004*
Mold in a Petri dish

Certified Mold Testing

Respiratory illnesses are only some of the diseases that can come from exposure to mold. Testing for mold and/or taking physical mold samples can be conducted at the time of our inspection and is highly recommended.

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